The Forum Europe is the leading political platform in Spain. Since its foundation, the platform has consistently enjoyed the presence of principal political players debating the most relevant of events. Since the offset, it has provided a meeting point for the heads of Spanish state institutions and the European Union, along with representatives from political parties and civil society organisations, as well as leading international figures.

The format for this platform is an informative breakfast, a cross between a talk and a press conference, with the audience comprising of prominent business people, politicians and opinion makers.

The Forum Europe in Madrid is run and developed in collaboration with its sponsors Asisa and Solaria.

The Forum Europe Tribuna Catalunya is sponsored by Assistència Sanitària.

Forum Europe Tribuna Euskadi is sponsored by BBK.

The Forum Europe Tribuna Andalucia is sponsored by Asisa and Vodafone.

The Forum Europe Tribuna Galicia is sponsored by Banco Sabadell.

The Forum Europe Tribuna Mediterraneo is sponsored by Bankia.