Founded in Madrid in 2000 by the current President, José Luis Rodríguez García, Nueva Economía Fórum quickly positioned itself at the forefront of political, economic and social debate, becoming an indispensable reference for politicians, economists, business people, the diplomatic corps and the media across Spain.
The Nueva Economía Fórum has gained prime position in Spain thanks to the scope, quality and reputation of its conferences and debates, the result of a careful selection of speakers, solid programming, a neutral and open stance, and the flawless organisation of its activities. 

Since its creation the organisation has played an essential role in the national and international panorama through providing leaders from all fields with a forum through which to exchange knowledge, experiences and strategies.

Nueva Economía Fórum currently operates on a permenant basis in Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao, as well as regularly organising activities in A Coruña, Alicante, Las Palmas, León, Lugo, Palma de Mallorca, Pamplona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Santander, Santiago de Compostela and Valencia.